The Explorers Road and Brecks Cottage

Brecks Cottage is proudly part of The Explorers Road

We’re proud to annouce that we have joined The Explorers Road.

For two thousand years the British have travelled a highway which connects north to south, creating a multi-stop touring route through the historic and cultural heart of the nation. These past pioneers discovered scenic waterfalls, valleys and caves, and shaped the environment with castles, cathedrals, gardens and battlefields. Now you too can unearth the stories, foods, sights and sounds found off the beaten track along The Explorer’s Road.

Take your own time to wander through the historic streets of ancient market towns. Enjoy the countryside and uncover the hidden layers and landmarks known only to local people. Relax and swap tales with fellow travellers knowing that around every bend is a friendly face, a welcoming place to lay your head, and a special vista ready to reward the curious explorer.

This is a new opportunity and invitation for curious travellers to get to know the English by exploring their traditions and eccentricities, the much-loved countryside, and the hidden landmarks known only to local people. Based just north of Newark, Brecks Cottage is the perfect place to stay on your journey, allowing you to take in the beautiful rural scenery during your tour of The Explorers Road.

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